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Private Coach : Your Personal Training software, nutrition tracker, and training diary!

Discover your potential

Regular training, when done right, is extremely beneficial for virtually everyone regardless of fitness level, health, or age. Exercising for only a few hours per week may help to

Reduce body weight
Lower blood pressure
Sleep better
Strengthen weak joints
Feel younger and stronger
and so much more!

To see yourself growing stronger and being able to perform longer is an extremely rewarding experience.

However, the lack of detailed information on how long to exercise, how much weight to lift, which exercises to perform and how to overcome stagnation (i.e. "plateaus") can be demotivating, counterproductive, and lead to injuries.

Guidance from your Private Coach

The Personal Training Software Private Coach provides professional and personalized training advice for all types of athletes. It will help you remain motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Beginning athletes will appreciate the personalized professional advice and the clear instructions on how to perform exercises.

Experienced athletes will value the vast amount of health and training parameters that can be monitored as well as the ability to add new exercises, tracks, equipment, and other content.

Healthy Nutrition without Sacrifice

Regular exercise is important, but only in combination with a healthy and balanced diet will you discover your true fitness potential.

Private Coach includes a nutrition module which keeps track of your diet and helps you to discover new healthy foods.

Connect with the Community

Private Coach will keep you connected to a community of like-minded people of all fitness levels - you can share success stories and compare results, as well as exchange exercises, tracks, recipes and much more.

You can also find training partners and exercise tips, and ultimately, find ways to stay motivated.

Private Coach vs Other Solutions

There are several personal training software products on the market today, but only Private Coach offers such a high level of personalized advice and advanced features.

Many fitness solutions are offered as an online web service and, while this allows you to access your data online where there is an internet connection, there are some clear disadvantages to online solutions: monthly fees, advertisement, and downtimes when the server is off-line.

In addition, data is often transferred or stored insecurely and is sometimes sold by the provider to third parties.

Finally, if a provider ends business for whatever reason, years of collected data may be lost.

As a Private Coach user, your privacy and personal data always stays where it belongs, on your computer. You will never have to worry about access to your data and there are no monthly or other fees after the purchase of a license. For the price of far less than just one hour with a Personal Trainer, you gain a lifetime's worth of training advice for multiple athletes, plus additional content which can be downloaded for free.

Equipment manufacturers sometimes include fitness software with their products which let you keep track of your workouts. These programs are usually geared towards the manufacturer's products and don't support any other sports or exercises.

There are no other solutions that are capable of giving personalized fitness advice that takes into account more than just some simple parameters such as age and weight.

Private Coach is independent of a specific sports or equipment manufacturer and supports strength and endurance training as well as nutrition management. It provides extremely personalized advice that fits to your preferences, goals, fitness level, and lifestyle.

Private Coach helps you to re-engineer yourself.

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"It is great to see how Private Coach helps beginning athletes getting started and progressing at their own pace."
Jennifer Menzel

Certified Personal Trainer

Each exercise comes with video instructions
Set abstract or clearly defined goals
Keep track of your nutritional intake
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